Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find below the answers to the most common questions about the project and the ROHC library.

General :

Library installation :

Using the library :

For developers :


What does mean that <acronym>?

See if you find it in the project's glossary.

Is ROHC version 2 supported?

The ROHCv2 IP-only, IP/ESP, IP/UDP profiles are supported since version 2.2.0. The ROHCv2 IP/UDP/RTP profile is partially supported since version 2.3.0. See the ROHCv1 profiles supported by the library. See the ROHCv2 profiles supported by the library.

What is the license of the library?

The library is published under the GNU LGPL version 2.1 or later. See the page dedicated to the software license for more details.

Library installation

How to install the library?

See in the wiki the tutorial dedicated to the library installation.

Using the library

How could I use the library in my program?

See in the wiki the tutorial that explains how to use the library in an application.

For developers

Where do I send patches?

Through a Github pull request. Or on the mailing list. The hacking howto in sources before contributing.


Next major release: 2.4.0 Git branch roadmap

Current stable release: 2.3.1 download release notes

Previous stable release: 2.2.0 download release notes

Mailing lists

If you didn't find any answer in the FAQ database, search the Wiki or ask your questions on the mailing lists.

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