ROHC is very performant for compressing the RTP traffic of VoIP calls. The figure hereafter shows the compression performances of a 30-min VoIP call.

Compression performances of the ROHC library


Next major release: 2.3.0 Git branch roadmap

Current stable release: 2.2.0 download release notes

Previous stable release: 2.1.0 download release notes


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provides to the ROHC project the skills of its engineering teams in the telecommunications, network and Linux fields.

Viveris is a French engineering company specialized in advanced technologies and IT. For 30 years, Viveris has developed a pole of competences in embedded network services   products.

Viveris proposes its knowledge and expertise on network header compression to companies through the Viveris Header Compression Solution (HCS). Download the HCS product datasheet to learn more.

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