The OpenSource ROHC library

The ROHC library provides an easy and robust way for applications to reduce their bandwidth usage on network links with limited capacity or expensive costs. Headers of network packets are compressed with the ROHC protocol and algorithms.

The ROHC protocol is very efficient for compressing VoIP streams that use RTP as transport protocol. ROHC is also suitable for compressing IP-only (IPv4 or IPv6), UDP or TCP flows and many others.

The ROHC library is intended for developers who want to reduce the bandwidth requirements of their applications. Supported platforms include Linux, *BSD, Windows, and Android. If you're a developer, get started with the library.

The library is published as Opensource under the GNU LGPL2.1+ license starting with version 1.7.0. Previous versions were published under the GNU GPL2+ license.

The project is the resulting work of many contributors: CNES (the French Space Agency), Thales Alenia Space and Viveris Technologies are the initiators of the project. Viveris Technologies now sponsors the project by making available some developpers of its network & Linux team.

Viveris Technologies CNES Thales Alenia Space


Next major release: 2.2.0 Git branch roadmap
Current stable release: 2.1.0 download release notes
Previous stable release: 2.0.0 download release notes

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