Supported features

The ROHC library implements a large part of the IETF's RFCs related to ROHC. However some requirements or features are not implemented.

The current page provides an overview of the library's state. In sections hereafter, you can identify unsupported features and limitations by their colors. Links to RFCs [RFC icon], open bugs [open bug icon], closed bugs [closed bug icon], feature requests [feature request icon] or patches [source patch icon] may also be provided.

Table of content:

Main features

Features related to the ROHC framework:

ROHCv1 profiles

Uncompressed (0x0000)  [RFC 3095, section 5.10]
Profile fully supported
IP / UDP / RTP (0x0001)  [RFC 3095]
Profile supported except for:
Compressed CSRC List  [RFC 3095, section]
Timer-based compression of RTP Timestamp  [RFC 3095, section 4.5.4]
IP / UDP (0x0002)  [RFC 3095, section 5.11]
Profile fully supported
IP / ESP (0x0003)  [RFC 3095, section 5.12]
Profile fully supported  [closed bug #952134]
IP-only (0x0004)  [RFC 3843]
Profile supported except for:
Cancel Mode Transition  [RFC 3843, section 3.4]
CONTEXT_MEMORY Feedback Option  [RFC 3843, section 3.7]
Link-Layer Assisted Profile for IP / UDP / RTP (0x0005)  [RFC 4362]  [RFC 3408]
Profile not supported  [RFC 4362]
Zero-byte Support for R-mode  [RFC 3408]
IP / TCP (0x0006)  [RFC 4996]
Profile supported since 1.7.0, and production-ready starting with 2.0.0.
IP / UDP-Lite / RTP (0x0007)  [RFC 4019]
Profile not supported
IP / UDP-Lite (0x0008)  [RFC 4019]
CCE(), CCE(ON) and CCE(OFF) packet types  [RFC 4019, section 5.3.2]
Cancel Mode Transition  [RFC 4019, section 5.6]
CONTEXT_MEMORY Feedback Option  [RFC 4019, section 5.7]

ROHCv2 profiles

IP / UDP / RTP (0x0101)  [RFC 5225]
Profile not supported (not planned yet)
IP / UDP (0x0102)  [RFC 5225]
Profile not supported (planned for 2.2.0)
IP / ESP (0x0103)  [RFC 5225]
Profile not supported (planned for 2.2.0)
IP-only (0x0104)  [RFC 5225]
Profile not supported (planned for 2.2.0)
IP / UDP-Lite / RTP (0x0107)  [RFC 5225]
Profile not supported (not planned yet)
IP / UDP-Lite (0x0108)  [RFC 5225]
Profile not supported (not planned yet)

Encoding methods

The following encoding methods are defined by the ROHC protocol:

Miscellaneous features

Miscellaneous features that are not part of a specific category:

Out of project's scope

The following features will probably never be implemented in the library. There are better places to implement them (eg. 'pppd' for 'ROHC over PPP'):


Next major release: 2.2.0 Git branch roadmap
Current stable release: 2.1.0 download release notes
Previous stable release: 2.0.0 download release notes

Want to help?

If you want to help the project by contributing a feature, take a look at this page and at the project roadmap. Then come discuss about them on the mailing lists.

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