ROHC compression/decompression library
Data Fields
rohc_comp_general_info_t Struct Reference

Some general information about the compressor. More...

#include <rohc_comp.h>

Data Fields

unsigned short version_major
unsigned short version_minor
size_t contexts_nr
unsigned long packets_nr
unsigned long uncomp_bytes_nr
unsigned long comp_bytes_nr

Detailed Description

Some general information about the compressor.

The structure is used by the rohc_comp_get_general_info function to store some general information about the compressor.

Versioning works as follow:

Notes for developers:

Supported versions:

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Field Documentation

unsigned long rohc_comp_general_info_t::comp_bytes_nr

The number of compressed bytes produced by the compressor

size_t rohc_comp_general_info_t::contexts_nr

The number of contexts used by the compressor

unsigned long rohc_comp_general_info_t::packets_nr

The number of packets processed by the compressor

unsigned long rohc_comp_general_info_t::uncomp_bytes_nr

The number of uncompressed bytes received by the compressor

unsigned short rohc_comp_general_info_t::version_major

The major version of this structure

unsigned short rohc_comp_general_info_t::version_minor

The minor version of this structure

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