ROHC compression/decompression library
Data Fields
rohc_comp Struct Reference

The ROHC compressor. More...

#include <rohc_comp_internals.h>

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Data Fields

struct rohc_medium medium
rohc_comp_features_t features
struct rohc_comp_ctxtcontexts
size_t num_contexts_used
bool enabled_profiles [C_NUM_PROFILES]
uint8_t crc_table_3 [256]
uint8_t crc_table_7 [256]
uint8_t crc_table_8 [256]
uint8_t rru [ROHC_MAX_MRRU]
size_t rru_off
size_t rru_len
rohc_rtp_detection_callback_t rtp_callback
void * rtp_private
int num_packets
int total_uncompressed_size
int total_compressed_size
struct rohc_comp_ctxtlast_context
rohc_comp_random_cb_t random_cb
void * random_cb_ctxt
size_t wlsb_window_width
size_t periodic_refreshes_ir_timeout
size_t periodic_refreshes_fo_timeout
size_t mrru
int connection_type
size_t list_trans_nr
rohc_trace_callback2_t trace_callback
void * trace_callback_priv

Detailed Description

The ROHC compressor.

Field Documentation

int rohc_comp::connection_type

The connection type (currently not used)

struct rohc_comp_ctxt* rohc_comp::contexts

The array of compression contexts that use the compressor

uint8_t rohc_comp::crc_table_3[256]

The table to enable fast CRC-3 computation

uint8_t rohc_comp::crc_table_7[256]

The table to enable fast CRC-7 computation

uint8_t rohc_comp::crc_table_8[256]

The table to enable fast CRC-8 computation

bool rohc_comp::enabled_profiles[C_NUM_PROFILES]

Which profiles are enabled and with one are not?

rohc_comp_features_t rohc_comp::features

Enabled/disabled features for the compressor

struct rohc_comp_ctxt* rohc_comp::last_context

The last context used by the compressor

size_t rohc_comp::list_trans_nr

The number of uncompressed transmissions for list compression (L)

struct rohc_medium rohc_comp::medium

The medium associated with the decompressor

size_t rohc_comp::mrru

Maximum Reconstructed Reception Unit

size_t rohc_comp::num_contexts_used

The number of compression contexts in use in the array

int rohc_comp::num_packets

The number of sent packets

size_t rohc_comp::periodic_refreshes_fo_timeout

The maximal number of packets sent in > FO states (= SO state) before changing back the state to FO (periodic refreshes)

size_t rohc_comp::periodic_refreshes_ir_timeout

The maximal number of packets sent in > IR states (= FO and SO states) before changing back the state to IR (periodic refreshes)

rohc_comp_random_cb_t rohc_comp::random_cb

The user-defined callback for random numbers

void* rohc_comp::random_cb_ctxt

Private data that will be given to the callback for random numbers

uint8_t rohc_comp::rru[ROHC_MAX_MRRU]

The remaining bytes of the Reconstructed Reception Unit (RRU) waiting to be split into segments

size_t rohc_comp::rru_len

The number of the remaining bytes in the RRU buffer

size_t rohc_comp::rru_off

The offset of the remaining bytes in the RRU buffer

rohc_rtp_detection_callback_t rohc_comp::rtp_callback

The callback function used to detect RTP packet

void* rohc_comp::rtp_private

Pointer to an external memory area provided/used by the callback user

int rohc_comp::total_compressed_size

The size of all the sent compressed ROHC packets

int rohc_comp::total_uncompressed_size

The size of all the received uncompressed IP packets

rohc_trace_callback2_t rohc_comp::trace_callback

The callback function used to manage traces

void* rohc_comp::trace_callback_priv

The private context of the callback function used to manage traces

size_t rohc_comp::wlsb_window_width

The width of the W-LSB sliding window

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