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====== WinPCAP ====== ===== WinPCAP for MinGW ===== FIXME complete this part ===== WinPCAP for Cygwin ===== To install [[|WinPcap]], follow the steps hereafer: - Download and unzip the [[|developer pack]]. - Copy the libraries: * ''WpdPack\Lib\libpacket.a'' to ''cygwin\lib\'' * ''WpdPack\Lib\libwpcap.a'' to ''cygwin\lib\'' - Copy all headers from ''WpdPack\Include'' to ''cygwin\usr\include\'' - Be sure you have installed Winpcap libraries and that they are in your path by typing:<code shell> which Packet.dll which wpcap.dll</code>They should be in ''/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/''.

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