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===== ROHC statistics ===== **For versions >= 1.7.0 of the library only** The ROHC stats application makes it easy to gather some (de)compression statistics from one network flow (in PCAP format). The tool outputs statistics in CSV format with the following tab-separated fields: * keyword 'STAT' * packet number * context mode (numeric ID) * context mode (string, no whitespace) * context state (numeric ID) * context state (string, no whitespace) * packet type (numeric ID) * packet type (string, no whitespace) * uncompressed packet size (bytes) * uncompressed header size (bytes) * compressed packet size (bytes) * compressed header size (bytes) Once the ROHC library and tools are installed, get some more help with:<code> $ man rohc_stats</code> or:<code> $ rohc_stats --help</code> A helper shell script is also provided to generate an HTML page with pretty graphs on it:<code> $ ./ network_flow.pcap ./network_flow_stats/ $ firefox ./network_flow_stats/index.html</code> Additional informations: * Use for testing/debug only, it was not designed for production at all. * Developed in the [[|app/stats/]] sub-directory of the library source code. * License: same as ROHC library

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