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======== How to generate compression statistics? ======== Starting from version 1.4.0 and up to versions 1.6.x, the ROHC library contains an application that generates some compression statistics from a PCAP capture and a script that creates a HTML summary of all generated statistics. Starting from version 1.7.0, use the [[summary#rohc_statistics|rohc_stats]] application instead. To generate the HTML statistics summary, you first have to [[library-install-sources#versions_1301|get the source code of the ROHC library and build it]] on your system (make sure you append the <nowiki>--enable-rohc-stats at step 7</nowiki>. Second, type:<code> $ make -C statistics check</code> The regression tool uses Wireshark captures of network packets (IPv4, IPv6, UDP, UDP-Lite, RTP...) to generate compression statistics. The generated HTML report in your favorite web browser (eg. Mozilla Firefox):<code> $ firefox ./statistics/html/index.html</code> FIXME add a screenshot of the HTML report If you encounter a problem, use the [[|mailing lists]] to report your problem.

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