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ROHC sniffer

For versions >= 1.6.0 of the library only

The ROHC sniffer is a lightweight application for testing the robustness of the ROHC library. The sniffer passively captures all the traffic on a network interface, compresses it, decompresses it, then compares it with the original traffic. If any of the previous steps fails, the sniffer stops and reports the problem.

In some aspect, the ROHC sniffer replaces the ROHC over UDP tunnel because it allows testing the library with real traffic without any impact on the network or on other applications:

  • If a problem occurs while using the ROHC over UDP tunnel, users will experience a degraded network experience (packet loss, packet alteration…).
  • If a problem occurs while using the ROHC sniffer, users won't experience any problem.

Additional informations:

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