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 FIXME the gentoo ebuild is not up-to-date FIXME the gentoo ebuild is not up-to-date
 FIXME a shelr screencast would be great FIXME a shelr screencast would be great
 +FIXME upload the ebuild on sunrise
 ===== Get the ROHC Ebuild ===== ===== Get the ROHC Ebuild =====
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 ===== What to do next? ===== ===== What to do next? =====
-The ROHC library is installed, you may now test it and/or use it+Once the ROHC library is installed, you may: 
-  * run the [[rohc-tunnel|tunnel application]] to test the ROHC library ​on your system +  * generate ​[[summary#​rohc_statistics|compression statistics]] for a recorded stream, 
-  * generate ​[[rohc-statistics|compression statistics]] for recorded stream +  * [[summary#​rohc_sniffer|test the ROHC library ​with your local network traffic]], 
-  * [[library-first-application|use the ROHC library in your own program]]+  * run the [[iprohc-overview|IP/ROHC tunnel application]] to establish ​tunnel with compression capabilities between 2 machines, 
 +  * [[library-first-application|use the ROHC library in your own program]]
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