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====== ROHC library ====== The ROHC library aims to implement the [[rohc-protocol|ROHC protocol]] as defined by the [[|IETF]] in the [[library-compliance-rfcs|RFC standards]]. ===== Installation ===== * How to [[library-install|install the library]] on your system? * List of [[supported-systems|supported systems]] (CPU architectures, OSes, compilers...) ===== Using existing tools and applications ===== * How to [[summary#rohc_sniffer|easily test the ROHC library]] on your system with your local network traffic without writing an application? * How to [[summary#rohc_statistics|generate compression statistics]] for a recorded stream? * How to establish a tunnel that compresses the traffic between 2 machines with the [[iprohc-overview|IP/ROHC tunnel application]]? ===== Develop your own application ===== * How to [[library-first-application|use the ROHC library in your own program]]? * Learn more about the [[library-api|library API]]. * Check out the [[|example programs]]. * How to [[library-migration|migrate your code from earlier library versions]] to the latest one? ===== Hacking the library ===== * [[library-tests|Running library tests]] * How to [[library-hacking|modify/enhance the library]]? * [[library-release-numbering|Library release numbering]] * [[library-compliance-rfcs|Compliance with RFCs]] * [[library-todo|TODO]] and [[ideas-list|ideas]] lists

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