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didier [Prerequisites] add pkg-config as prerequisite
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didier [Prerequisites] add libnetlink.h dep
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   * pkg-config tool,   * pkg-config tool,
   * a C compiler such as [[http://​|GCC]] or [[http://​​|Clang]],​   * a C compiler such as [[http://​|GCC]] or [[http://​​|Clang]],​
 +  * libnetlink.h for configuration of IP addresses (provided by the package iproute-dev on Debian),
   * [[http://​​wiki/​LibYAML|libyaml]] for configuration parsing,   * [[http://​​wiki/​LibYAML|libyaml]] for configuration parsing,
   * [[http://​​|GnuTLS]] for securing the control channel,   * [[http://​​|GnuTLS]] for securing the control channel,
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