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-===== IP/ROHC tunnel ===== 
-The IP/ROHC application a tunnel application similar the ROHC/UDP tunnel, but designed for production! It was designed and developed by [[http://​​|Viveris Technologies]]. 
-The application compresses the IP packets that it receives on a [[wp>​TUN/​TAP|TUN interface]] with the ROHC library. Then it encapsulates the ROHC packets in IP packets (to avoid the UDP overhead). Because of that it is named //IP/ROHC// (//iprohc// in code). In addition, frame packing is implemented:​ several ROHC packets are put together in one single IP header to reduce the tunnel overhead even more. 
-Additional informations:​ 
-  * How the [[iprohc-overview|IP/​ROHC application works]]? 
-  * How to [[iprohc-install|install the IP/ROHC application]] on your system? 
-  * How to [[iprohc-run|run the IP/ROHC application]] on your system? 
-  * Developed in a [[https://​​didier-barvaux/​iprohc|dedicated GitHub project]]. 
-  * License: GPL version 2 or later