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The wiki contains documentation about the ROHC library and the ROHC protocol itself.

Note: the creation of wiki accounts is disabled due to spam; if you want an account, ask for it on the project mailing list.

ROHC protocol

The RObust Header Compression (ROHC) protocol aims at reducing bandwidth usage on network links with limited capacity or expensive costs, such as mobile networks or satellite links. It defines a lossless compression scheme for network headers. It leaves the network payload unchanged.

The resources below describes the ROHC protocol in more details:

ROHC library

The ROHC library aims to implement the ROHC protocol as defined by the IETF in the RFC standards.

See the dedicated page about the ROHC library to read more about:

  • Installation
  • Using existing tools and applications
  • Develop your own application
  • Hacking the library


This section lists some of the applications based on the ROHC library. Some are developed within the ROHC library itself because they are useful as debug tools; some are developed in external locations to allow them to evolve at their own pace.

Supported applications:

For archive, deprecated applications:

Python binding

Maintainer resources

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